Water Damage Restoration is Discussed in this Article from Austin, TxWater Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is the process of restoring your home back to good condition after a water leak has occurred. By taking the time to learn about the Water Damage Restoration process and how to find a qualified contractor, you can successfully restore the damage that unwanted water has caused your property.

When you notice water damage, call immediately. You need to clean up the damages, and restore your home back to good condition.

Water Damage Restoration Steps

1) Identify and Stop Source of Leak  
  • Usually water damage is caused by a roofing leak, or a sudden appliance failure, such as a hot water heater bursting, or dishwasher not draining properly
2) Identify Water Damage
  • A project manager will come out and determine the scope of water damages
  • We use leak detectors to find where the water’s source and it’s impacts
3) Water Removal / Dehumidify the Area
  • We bring in commercial equipment to pump the water from the space
  • We use ventilation blowers and position them to extract moisture from the area
  • When needed, we remove the baseboards and a portion of drywall to ventilate the areas in the walls, or within wooden cabinetry
4) Mold Remediation?
  • Mold Remediation is the process of removing mold spores that have been caused by a standing water leak. The truth is that mold is naturally occurring, but it becomes dangerous when water has been left for a long period in a closed environment.  This has given the mold spores the time to grow. If you see mold then you must remove it, mold remediation is the process of safely removing mold with protective equipment and fungicides
5) Dispose of Damaged Materials
  • We use proper techniques to minimize the damages to your home, if it’s necessary to deconstruct an area to identify and stop water damages, we will remove and dispose of the water damaged building materials
6) Rebuild Baseboards, Drywall, and Framing
  • After the area has been thoroughly dried and cleaned, professional contractors will complete any framing, and begin to rebuild your cabinets, drywall, ceiling, and baseboards to original condition
  • A project manager will thoroughly inspect the installation and materials used
  • Meet with customer to finalize job and receive full payment for work and materials. Insurance companies do cover water damage restoration and we can fully explain the process for receiving fair treatment during a water damage insurance claim
7) Warranty 
  • Your home repairs in the water damaged area are warrantied

Water Damage Restoration Contractor discusses Steps to Remove Water Damage from Home

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