Double Locked Hemmed Seam Roof in Austin

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Double Locked Hemmed Seam Roof

A double locked hemmed seam roof is a type of metal roofing commonly used throughout the neighborhoods of Austin. A double locked hemmed seam is a great choice for homes that need to take advantage of the strength of a metal roof, but with a fraction of the weight. Due to the way this roof is constructed and installed, it is a great option for lower pitch and flat roof types.


Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing brings many benefits to your home. Aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, metal roofing gives your home a clean, finished look while offering superior protection. For the modern homeowner, metal roofing is the most eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable type of roofing material available.

Metal roofing is virtually indestructible. The materials are fire and hail resistant, making them ideal for the Austin climate. Metal roofs are energy efficient because they deflect the majority of hot Texas sun away from your home. This reduces your overall energy costs, making a metal roof a budget-friendly choice in the long run.

A metal roof has an incredibly long lifespan with little to no maintenance. When you invest in a metal roof for your home, WDR will expertly install a quality roof that will last. The average lifespan of a properly installed metal roof is 40 – 70 years meaning this could be the only roof you’ll ever need.


Do You Need a Double Locked Hemmed Seam Roof?

If you’ve ever been worried that the pitch of your roof is too low for a metal roof, then a double locked hemmed seam roof may be the right choice. Double locked hemmed seam roofs are designed for low-pitch or no-pitch roofs. This allows a standing seam style roof to be installed on roofs with as low as 1:12 pitch ratio. With additional materials, this type of roof can be installed on roofs as low as ¼:12.

A double locked hemmed seam roof offers the same advantages as other metal roofs including being watertight, reducing energy costs, and being low maintenance and high value. If you’re looking for the benefits of a metal roof for your low-pitch or flat roof, WDR Austin has everything you need. We are proud to offer double locked hemmed seam roofs to homeowners throughout the Austin area. Call us today and we’ll schedule your free roofing inspection. With WDR Austin, you can trust your roofing project is in expert hands.


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    Ben was super responsive and attentive. He responded to texts and calls on nights and weekends, and was very patient... read more

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