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Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR has been in the roofing industry for over 25 years. We are a full-service roofing company and also offer water restoration services.

Do you need commercial and residential roofing services, such as a roof repair, inspection, or installation, and live in Round Rock, TX? Call (512) 820-6505 for your free estimate today!

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Yelp Recommends Our Roofing Contractors

We are proud to be considered the top roof repair contractor in Central Texas, serving Round Rock and the surrounding areas. Our residential roofing service is here to help homeowners throughout the region.

Our team of experts offers roofing and water damage restoration services. We can help with re-roofing, roof inspections, emergency water removal, total roof replacements, commercial roofing, metal roofs, and more.

Do you like the idea of an environmentally friendly and green solution? Our metal roof services could help you lower your energy costs in Round Rock and offer an updated appearance to your home.

We tackle all types of roofing projects, and Yelp users recommend us. You can also check out our listing on the Better Business Bureau, where we have an A+ rating! Request your free inspection today by calling (512) 820-6505!

Why Choose Our Team

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of Round Rock roofers can help with your roof repair, replacement, and water damage needs. Whether you require a quick repair after severe weather or a hail storm, need assistance removing mold from the house, or want a brand-new roof to impress the neighbors, we can assist!

Water Damage & Roofing Austin offers high-quality roofing services for your home. Get excellent customer service after high winds, hail damage, or other severe weather issues. We’re the top choice for roofing excellence!

We Offer Quality Products and Workmanship

It’s always moving when a homeowner sees their house, especially from a visitor’s point of view. You want it to look its best and last a lifetime. However, the harsh Texas climate can cause degradation of the roofing materials, so your home will likely have cracks or leaks at one time or another.

You’ll need our professional roofing experts to help repair the gutter and everything else. We can even offer advice about premium coating systems. Contractors like us in Round Rock, TX, will be there to deliver quality roof estimates and fix the problems.

We offer free inspections and have been serving Round Rock for years! Call (512) 820-6505 to get started today!

Our Round Rock Roofing Services

Do you need a professional roofing contractor in Round Rock, TX? We’re here to assist you and offer various roofing services. Check them out below!

Complete Roof Replacement

Living in Round Rock means facing hail damage and storm problems. What happens when your old roof can’t take the brutal temperatures and weather? You’ll call us for a complete roof replacement.

Our team has been serving Round Rock for decades and can help you decide what’s best for your home. Contact us today to get started!

Roof Repair

It would be best to have assistance when your Round Rock roof leaks or you face gutter issues. Our team offers roof leak repair, gutter repair, exterior painting, and more.

Your roof should be able to withstand the hot summers and storms. We’ll check the roof shingles and offer the best roofing repair service that meets your needs.

Roof Installation

Having a home in Round Rock is exciting, but you may require a new roof installation at some point. Remember, the roof is protecting your investment. We only use the best materials and have the training and skills to install your Round Rock roof. Whether you prefer flat, tile, or asphalt shingles, we have you covered!

Roof Inspection

Hidden damages can easily cause problems for your Round Rock home. Don’t let that happen! Instead, contact our professional roofing experts to thoroughly check your roof to ensure it’s in excellent condition.

What’s the Process for Roof Repair?

We first inspect the roof and tell you what’s wrong with it. When you give the go-ahead, our Round Rock roof repair team will visit the property with all the necessary equipment to ensure we do the best job. This means pumping the moisture and water out of your property, drying it, and ensuring it’s done completely.

Our Round Rock team can also handle gutter repair and commercial roofing repairs. There’s nothing we can’t do, and we are willing to assist in any way possible!

Cleaning After the Repairs

After thoroughly drying your home, our Round Rock roofing company starts to clean everything that might have mold. This reduces your risk of dealing with mold growth in the future.

We use appropriate products to disinfect, sanitize, and kill the mold. This ensures that you will have fresh-smelling items.

Depending on the amount of damage, the restoration step could be as easy as drying out some walls, but we might have to replace them. Regardless, you’ll know exactly what we plan to do and will okay it before any work starts.

Our Roof Inspection Process

Homeowners should inspect the entire roof each fall and spring. However, it’s wise to contact Round Rock roofers to do the task for you; we can help! We want your roof to be healthy and offer as much protection as possible.

Roof inspections will ensure that everything is structurally sound and will often find hidden damages. Hail, wind, and storms could all cause minor damage you might not see. However, it could get worse until you require a new roof.

By letting our Round Rock professionals perform an inspection, we can accurately assess the overall health of your roof. You’ll repair minor issues and save money before they get out of hand.

Our roof inspection includes checking the flashing, inspecting for rot and mold, looking for leaks, focusing on shingle deterioration, reviewing the roof structure, and more. This helps us determine if you require repairs.

Our Roof Installation Process

In some cases, a roofing repair in Round Rock isn’t enough. Water Damage & Roofing Austin will send a team of professionals to check the roof for you. Sometimes, we might determine that you need a total roof replacement and estimate the costs necessary.

Likewise, our Round Rock team will work with the insurance company for any claims. Contacting the company is wise because homeowners insurance claims can save you thousands of dollars.

Remember that the roof is your first defense against animals, weather damage, trees, and more. Plus, it helps you stay comfortable inside the home. We are here to help you protect your roof at all costs.

How It Works

When you call WDR for a repair or new installation, we always use the three steps listed below:

  1. Inspect the Roof – The first step is to inspect your roof for storm damage. We will come to the home, check everything, and make notes of anything that might be wrong or that could be problematic in the future.
  2. Give an Estimate – We discuss your roof’s condition and explain everything. Then, we create an itemized estimate. This is free and will help you understand what’s wrong and how to fix it. Plus, we can advise on other things you might do if you can’t afford the Round Rock roof repair at that time.
  3. Repair the Roof – Once you are fully prepared and understand the situation, give us the thumbs-up, and we schedule a time to repair the roof. You can relax while our contractors tackle the storm damage and put things right.

Hire the Top Round Rock Roofing Company

We excel where other roofing companies fail. We are the go-to choice if you live in Round Rock and require residential or commercial roofing services. We strive to be the best in the business and offer personalized service while handling all your roofing needs. Please call (512) 820-6505 for your free estimate today! You’ll get top-notch service from the best Round Rock/Austin contractors.

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FAQs About Our Round Rock Roofing Company

What Questions Should You Ask Your Roofing Contractors?

Before you hire a residential or commercial roofing contractor in Round Rock for roof repairs, it’s wise to ask them these questions:

  • How do you clean up after you’ve finished the project?
  • Do you have references I could call?
  • What is the warranty like on the new roof or repair?
  • Do you use subcontractors?
  • Will you provide free estimates? How detailed are they?
  • What roofing products do you use for large/small repairs?
  • Do you offer re-roofing services?
  • Will you provide regular maintenance on my roof?

How Much Do Roofing Companies in Round Rock Charge for Service?

Roofing is a labor-intensive and highly skilled trade. The amount you pay for roof repairs after storm damage can vary significantly. It’s often hard to give an estimate without seeing the roof itself.

Rest assured that our Round Rock roofers will offer the best solution for your needs. We don’t shy away from big jobs and will provide a full inspection and a detailed estimate before starting the project.

How Often Should Roofs Be Replaced?

The lifespan of your roof could be 15 to 75 years, but this depends mainly on the materials used to create it. For example, asphalt shingles are more affordable but only last about 20 years.

Once you start noticing multiple problems or require repairs more frequently, it might be wise to consider a roof replacement. We are the top Round Rock roofers in the area, and we’ll help you decide what’s suitable for your home based on your budget and everything else.