Where to Live in Austin – Your Guide to Moving to a New City

Where to Live in Austin – Your Guide to Moving to a New City

Austin and its surrounding suburbs have recently grown significantly, making it the fastest-growing city in the US for the past nine years. This is due to Austin’s fantastic and sunny climate, outstanding quality of life, and because it has one of the finest employment markets in the country.

If you are considering moving to this exciting and diverse city, it is okay to be unsure where to live, as it is a big city with several neighborhoods. However, finding the correct area is essential to enjoy this city, as not everyone will fit in and feel comfortable in all of them. Each neighborhood in Austin has its personality and character, and the price ranges vary depending on your location. Here is a list of our top local neighborhoods, where we will explain why they’re our first choices when living in Austin, TX.

1- Cedar Park

The community of Cedar Park is close to some of Austin’s top businesses, including Apple, Dell, and National Instruments. Moreover, your daily commute will only last for a while if you work in the technological, manufacturing, and health fields. This is because it is close to most tech and manufacturing firms and the Cedar Park Medical Center. Cedar Park is on the northwest side of Austin. It is a fantastic alternative for those who wish to live a peaceful life and not worry too much about long commutes. Moreover, it offers easy access to Hill County and a variety of local restaurants and retail shops.

In addition, Cedar Park has received recognition on a national level. It was listed as one of the Top 10 Towns for Families by Wide Open Country and Family Circle Magazine. The distinguished Leander and Round Rock Independent School Districts are two of the leading educational zones in the city, which is a huge plus for families with kids.

Although the typical price of a property in Cedar Park is around $500,000, there are many alternatives, from small 1,400-square-foot homes to large, multimillion-dollar mansions.

2- Downtown

Downtown Austin has a vibrant commercial area, a flourishing entertainment sector, and upscale urban residences. People enjoy a refined lifestyle. It is located in the city’s center and offers easy access to local employers by walking, bicycling, and the metro. This neighborhood also features world-class shopping, fine eating, and relaxing leisure. Real estate in this region is often more expensive than in others.

Most homes in Downtown Austin are high-rise lofts, luxurious condominiums, and modest, garden-style condos, most of which come with parking spots and picturesque views of the Colorado River. In Downtown Austin, the average cost of a house is around $750,000.

Children residing in Downtown Austin can go to one of the nearby private charter schools or those inside the Austin Independent School District.

3- East Austin

East Austin is the perfect neighborhood for single people who want to live independently. It is a hip and trendy area for people seeking a spark of something different in their lives.

Those who want to enjoy Downtown without the high expenses believe East Austin is the ideal area. It used to be considered dangerous, as it had a reputation for being a challenging neighborhood. However, all of that is in the past, and its reputation has changed drastically in the past few years.

East Austin is lively and eccentric. It has locally owned restaurants, charming cocktail bars, and independent shops. The neighborhood’s general ambiance is excellent for those who prefer to experiment and find something else rather than the famous pubs and restaurants many have grown weary of.

Moreover, East Austin is a superb blend of old and modern aesthetics because of its genuine mix of traditional homes that have been there for centuries and contemporary buildings that make it look much more refined.

You can enjoy the benefits of living Downtown for a fraction of the price by visiting East Austin, which is filled with great shops, restaurants, nightlife entertainment, and many more exciting sites. You will also enjoy how easy it is to find parking spots.

4- Tarrytown

Tarrytown is ideal for households with small children. You will enjoy the Lake Austin shoreline, parks, and baseball fields. It’s a prestigious and expensive place to settle down. Moreover, its green areas and scenic seaside locations are its main attraction. Therefore, it is best for those who enjoy quiet places to enjoy nature.

You can spend weekends exploring the 21 acres of the National Preserve and Mayfield Park. It’s a terrific location for outdoor-loving couples and families who want to play with their children until they get tired so they can sleep the entire night. Many people consider Tarrytown a well-deserved rest from the bustle of the large metropolis, which is why you will find more tranquil neighbors than in other areas.

The area must be better known for its nightlife and entertainment, dining and shopping, and public transportation. However, its beauty & parks, schools, and safety make up for it and make it a fantastic place for families that love the outdoors. Nonetheless, remember that it is one of the most expensive locations to live in Austin, so all that beauty comes at a price.

The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve come to the end of our list, there are a few things you should think about before relocating to Austin.

According to statistics, Austin is a safe city to live in. This is true for most neighborhoods in the city, but you must do proper research before moving in, as there are some dangerous spots in the city you may want to avoid.

Despite Austin not being one of the biggest American cities, its public transportation is pretty decent, showing that it is progressing toward becoming one of the largest cities in the nation.

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