Every homeowner knows the devastating effects of storm damage. Severe storms can bring strong winds that send objects flying through the air and cause shingles to be ripped away from a roof, potentially creating water damage inside the home.

Aside from weather-related issues, hail damage, and wind damage can leave many dents or even cause asphalt shingles to be destroyed. Chipped roofing materials and structural damage can be weighty when severe storms hit.

Depending on the severity of the wind damage, the roof repairs you require can range from simple fixes to an entire roof replacement.

It’s hard to tell exactly what needs to be worked on without a proper roof inspection. An insurance company is also less likely to provide reimbursement for storm-damaged roof repairs without proper proof presented.

How Much Do Roof Repairs Cost?

gray residential roofWhen unexpected weather strikes, storm damage can cause devastating issues to your home, and it doesn’t end there.

A severe storm can wreak havoc on roofs, and your insurance company will only cover certain types of damage. It’s important to know when storm-damaged roof repairs are necessary, how much they cost, and if your insurance adjuster covers them.

  • Assess the Damaged Roof

In some cases, minor repairs, such as replacing missing shingles around the roof’s edges, can be enough. However, if the hail, wind, or structural damage is extensive, a complete roof replacement may be necessary.

Depending on the age and type of your roof, the cost of a storm-damaged roof repair or replacement can vary significantly. In some cases, it can range from $2,000 for a roof containing asphalt shingles to upward of $11,000 for metal roofs.

  • Seek Reimbursement from the Insurance Company

If your insurance agency finds that the roof damage is too extensive and your roof must be replaced entirely, you may be able to receive financial assistance from the company.

Some insurance policies offer coverage for storm-damaged roof repair services that include a portion of the replacement costs, depending on the severity of the hail damage. However, always check your policy for your coverage. Extensive repairs might require higher reimbursements.

  • Ask for a Free Roof Inspection

Getting storm damage repair can be costly, but you can now seek a storm damage roof estimate for free.

Professional roofers can assess the damage and explain the necessary repairs and associated costs.

If the roof inspector finds further damage, they may contact your insurance agency to have an insurance adjuster inspect the entire roof for hail damage.

What Is Considered Storm Damage to a Roof?

Understanding what is considered damage to a roof and how to approach the problem by seeking roof repairs is essential.

aerial view of a roof being replacedGenerally, there are two levels of damage associated with storms:

  • Minor roof damage

  • Extensive roof damage

The degree of hail damage ultimately depends on several factors, including the type of roofing materials you have, the storm’s severity, and the debris that may have been blown onto your roof.

Asphalt shingles are more prone to damage than other materials, and roof inspections are essential to determine the extent of the damage. If severe storms cause a roof to experience missing, cracked, broken shingles or other types of damage, an entire roof replacement may be necessary.

Broken gutters can also cause water to leak into the property, causing interior damage. It is crucial to call a professional to repair hail damage, and you can also seek a free estimate from most roof technicians.

How Do Insurance Adjusters Determine Roof Damage?

roof repair or replacementThe roof of your home is a significant part of protecting your family and keeping them safe, so it is essential to have the job done right when it comes to a roof repair and replacement service.

In the wake of a recent storm, your insurance provider will be one of the key people you will be dealing with.

They will be responsible for assessing the damage caused to your property and determining whether the insurance agency will have to pay for its repair. This process can be daunting for a homeowner, but with the proper knowledge, you can get the necessary coverage and ensure your home is repaired correctly.

  • External Damage

When it comes to roofing damage, the adjuster is likely looking for evidence of damage caused by hail, heavy rain, wind, or any other type of storm.

  • Internal Damage

Along with checking the roof’s shingles, the adjuster will also look beyond the surface to examine your roof’s structure and underlying frames. This can include lifting shingles, looking for leaks in the attic, and investigating the underside of the roof for water damage.

It is also important to note that an adjuster may recommend siding repair if the damage is more extensive.

Trained professionals use their experience to identify damage that may not be noticeable to the untrained eye. This includes evidence such as granule loss, damaged flashing, and signs of blows from heavy storms.

That is why homeowners need to retrieve correct documentation for the causes and signs of damage that appear after a storm. This can be done through photographs and videos.

Before accepting any cost, however, it is best to consider all your options. You may find that you can reduce the amount of coverage needed or the cost of the repairs by completing some of the roof repair tasks yourself.

Can You Claim Coverage for Storm Damage to a Roof?

house with steel roofingTo be eligible for a roof repair claim, you must provide the correct documentation for the damage caused to your roof.

It’s important to understand that the wear and tear on roofs from extreme weather events may be challenging to spot with the untrained eye. While the damage may not be immediately visible, granule loss, broken gutters, or leaks may indicate that the damaged roof needs to be addressed.

A professional roof inspector can come to assess the damage to your property, such as siding and attic damage due to leaks or water infiltration.

Depending on the extent of the issue and the repair cost needed for the damaged roof, you may be able to get your insurance agency to pay for at least some of the costs for the roof repair based on your policy.

It’s important to remember that the first step in any roof repair or replacement project should be to get in contact with a trusted roofing contractor. You can also get a storm damage roof repair estimate for free by working with a reliable roofer for damaged roof issues.

Final Words

Does Insurance Cover Roof Replacement | Everything You Should KnowProper documentation and identifying the damage as soon as possible are vital in determining if you can claim coverage for storm-induced damage to your roof.

Knowing your options is essential so you can make an informed decision on how to fix the problem and protect your property.

After all, navigating bureaucracy and understanding the complexities of insurance coverage is challenging enough, not to mention knowing if you can even claim reimbursements for the damage at hand.