Our roofs have shielded us from dangerous weather elements for many generations. However, like each other construction material we use in our home, it has a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced sooner or later.

When your roof is being replaced, it is often a significant event in a homeowner’s life. Roofing materials cost a few thousand dollars, and the restoration takes a week to complete. It is also a substantial investment because you will put money, time, and effort into your roof.

In Austin, Texas, high winds, hail, and storms can compromise the integrity of your shingles’ seal. A weakening sealing allows a shingle to blow off, exposing your roof to the outdoors.

When a roof shingle breaks, its integrity permanently threatens our lives, which can create leaks and damage in the shingles around it. Bad weather can unexpectedly shake the safety of our homes.

Suppose you are new to the entire process and have never had a home’s roof replaced. In that case, you may be wondering or afraid about staying home, or you may be thinking if leaving during work is an intelligent alternative to avoid all the noise and commotion of the roof replacement.

In this article by Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR, we’ll go ahead with everything regarding staying or leaving home during a roof replacement.

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Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

The truth is that staying at home throughout your roof replacement is entirely up to you. You may want to be present to ensure that the workers correctly install your roof, or you ask your contractor about concerns if they arise.

However, the actual question is whether you should stay home. If you and your family choose to stay in the house, your contractor should be okay with it. Even if it’s your decision, any professional local roofing contractor will advise you to evacuate your property anytime they work on your roof to avoid noise pollution.

Why Should You Stay Home?

In most cases, people prefer to live somewhere else when their roof is being replaced, but some would love to stay and reap the benefits of staying when their roof is being replaced.

Can Help Save Money 

One main reason homeowners would not prefer to remain somewhere else while roof replacement is that it might cost them extra energy, time, and money. A roof replacement typically takes a week, so allow 7-10 days to complete the roof.

You’ll be able to save money on renting a location for a few days if you can handle the noise, falling risks, hanging air particles, and dust. However, don’t forget to make all the necessary preparations before inviting the workers.

Cleaner Home Interior 

Being inside your home requires relocating your items or furniture to areas less prone to falling debris, so it is preferable to relocate your stuff to the garage. If you’re optimistic that it won’t rain over the next few days, you can also take your furniture outside.

In the meantime, you can clean the inside of your home in preparation once the roof replacement is complete.

Why Shouldn’t You Stay Home? 

Your roofer has advised you to take time off while he replaces it; however, the question is, why? You need to know four things if you plan to stay home while the workers replace your roof.

You may reconsider leaving home due to the loudness and the risk of blocking your car from construction vehicles.

It’s a Loud and Annoying Roof Replacement Process

You may not know how loud your roof repair will be if you’ve never been at your home when someone is pounding nails on your roof. With constant banging, it can be challenging to stay inside.

The hammering noise is somewhat lower on the ground floor of a two-story home. Nonetheless, regardless of where you are in your home, hearing the installers bang nails till the sun goes down will be highly bothersome for many people.

The Reaction of Your Pets During Roof Replacements

Most homeowners have reported that cats seem more impacted by noise than dogs. After a roof replacement, many people claimed they didn’t see or hear from their cat for a week. Make sure to consider your pets’ mental health before deciding to stay.

Irritating your pets might not be a good idea, but if your dog is bothered by thunderstorms, they are unlikely to enjoy the frequent thumping and crashing. It’s best to find a location for them to stay until the roofer installs your roof, for instance, your friend’s house, and you can help them with their daily tasks.

roofer replacing a roof

Risk of Getting Hurt

When hiring a roofing project contractor to fix your roof, you trust they will do the job correctly. As a result, staying out of the way as much as possible is essential to your protection.

During the roof replacement, if you choose to stay home, you must exercise extreme caution when leaving. While the workers remove your old roof, they cannot see over the roof’s edge to check whether you or anybody else is strolling around.

Your roofer will only dispose of roofing debris near your front door or other openings. However, if you stand near the gutter line, you may be pelted with some falling debris.

Blocked Vehicles from the Roofing Contractor

It would be best if you also thought about your cars. When a contractor arrives at your property, the first thing they do is make sure they are not occupying any of your driveways.

However, because you planned to stay in the house during your roof replacement, you did not relocate your cars because you intended to avoid traveling anyplace. It’s highly recommended by all roofers that homeowners find somewhere else to stay during this process.

Replacement loudness is becoming too much for you, and you need to get away. The real problem appears when your car is blocked, and you must go somewhere. Your builder will have to stop what they’re doing, relocate everything out of the path, and clean the driveway of nails and debris.

Roof replacement takes longer if they do this repeatedly throughout the week.

Lack of Privacy

One of the complexities of living beneath a roof is that people will be on top of it. Hence, they will be able to listen and see you while you go about your regular life throughout the entire roof replacement.

While contractors only work in locations where renovations require access, homeowners might feel uncomfortable having strangers on their roofs.


Please speak with your contract company and ask for their advice regarding this dilemma. They can help clarify things further, making your selection more straightforward and accurate. The key takeaway is that it is totally up to you whether you’re leaving or staying home since this is a big investment. Moreover, keep safety in mind because materials can fall on your head.

Staying at home during the roof replacement process can be more helpful than moving away, especially if you don’t like a quiet atmosphere, have a keen eye for detail and prefer to oversee the entire operation and be kept informed.

Most contractors are knowledgeable and trustworthy and will undoubtedly finish the task and make the project successful and stress-free. However, there is no danger in leaving temporarily, especially if you cannot stand the loud noises. Those are the homeowner’s life problems they must deal with sometimes.