At Water Damage and Roofing of Austin, our local roofing contractors have seen the damage the winter weather can cause to Austin roofs. We have spent countless hours helping homeowners with hail damage roofing repair caused by falling debris, sleet, snow, and torrential rain. Our expert technicians are always here to help during an emergency and give you free roofing inspections. We also like to help prevent damage to your roof, too!

The Best Time to Winterize Your Austin Roof

Repairing a roof in the wintertime isn’t something you want to deal with. The harsh and icy winters in Austin make repairs more difficult and expensive. At Water Damage and Roofing of Austin, we want you to save time and money when it comes to your home. Over the years, our professional team of roofing contractors has learned the best preventative measures to help you maintain the safety and security of your home. Take advantage of the friendlier climate of fall and use these tips to make sure your home is secure.

Inspect Your Roof for Debris

It’s a beautiful time in Austin when the heat breaks and fall arrives. This is the perfect time to check your roof for debris from the foliage around your home. You may find the occasional football or frisbee, too! It’s best to remove anything from your asphalt shingles to avoid possible erosion or damage.

Your roof may potentially be damaged by spring and summer storms. Inspect your roof from all sides or – have an experienced Water Damage and Roofing of Austin roofing technician inspect your roof for you. Catching any issues before the winter comes will go a long way in keeping your home safe and secure through the unpredictable Austin winters.

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Trim Nearby Trees

A common source of roof damage is falling limbs from nearby trees. Take the time to inspect the trees around your home to ensure your roof is safe from dead or dying tree limbs. The winter in Austin can bring high winds, heavy rain, ice, sleet and snow. Remove any easy-to-reach branches that could be damaging. You may want to hire an arborist to remove any large tree branches, especially those at great height.

Inspect and Clean Your Gutters

If properly maintained, gutters do a great job of catching most of the debris that lands on your roof in the windy fall and winter. When debris is allowed to build up in your gutters, it increases the potential for leaks and water damage to the exterior of your home. Regular cleaning of the gutters and downspouts attached to them can keep your home safe and protected throughout the harsher seasons.

Take this time to inspect and clean your window wells. Remove all debris and inspect for cracks or damages. Damaged window wells give winter conditions a way into your home. Make the minor repairs before they lead to larger ones.

Consider Adding Seasonal Gutter Guards

You may want to consider adding gutter guards to your gutter system for the winter season. Gutter guards help keep heavy snow and ice from building up in your gutters. The Austin area experiences lots of sleet and ice during the winter. Prevent damage to your roof and gutter system by taking the simple step of adding gutter guards. If you’re interested in adding gutter guards to your gutters, one of our knowledgeable Water Damage and Roofing of Austin associates will be happy to help guide you through your options.

Add New Caulking to Your Roof

Caulking is used around any seam on your roof. Check around chimneys, vent pipes and counter flashing to see if your caulking needs replacing. When the weather gets severely cold, caulk may crack and break, making your roof vulnerable to leaks. Remove any compromised caulking and replace it with new caulking.

Check Your Attic For Leaks

Don’t forget to check your attic or crawl space for leaks from your roof. Repairing any problems you find will reduce the potential for water damage to the interior of your home. When checking for leaks, be sure to check the insulation in your attic. Adding insulation is a great way to protect against the cold weather in East Texas.

Make All Necessary Roof Repairs

The winter season in Austin can bring damaging weather conditions. Don’t get left out in the cold this winter! Make all necessary repairs to your roof during the milder fall season. If your roof requires a little extra attention or needs repairs, the trusted roofing contractors at Water Damage and Roofing of Austin are here to help! Contact us today for your free roofing inspection. At Water Damage and Roofing of Austin, we secure Austin one roof at a time.