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Water Damage & Roofing of Austin proudly provides water damage and roofing services to Rollingwood, Texas, 78746. Located within the Austin ETJ, Rollingwood and Eanes Creek is a quaint and upscale community just west of downtown. If you or your friends or neighbors have any problems with their roof, please call 512-820-6505, and we will quickly dispatch one of our 5 star rated Project Managers to come assist you. We briefly describe the process for a roofing repair or replacement below.


Water Damage & Roofing Repairs Tile Roof in Local Rollingwood Eanes Neighborhood

Austin Roof Construction Process for Roof Replacement and Repairs

An experienced project manager will be assigned to your project, and Water Damage & Roofing of Austin will see your project through from beginning to completion. Most jobs will take one day to complete.

  • Project Manager will come out and complete an inspection your roofing or water damage issue
  • We will describe and show you images of damages to your roof or home from water damage
  • Next, we will suggest the Scope of Work needed to fully repair your roofing or water damages
  • Next, we agree upon the price, schedule, and scope of work
  • We will coordinate with you on a material drop date and an installation date
  • We will need access to your driveway on the day of the roofing work being completed, so please move cars from the driveway. If you keep your vehicle in the garage, please pull it out of the garage and onto the street before construction begins
  • We park a trailer on one side of your driveway, this is where we to collect the existing roof when removed
  • We ask that you leave gates unlocked to allow for access to the perimeter of your home
  • We also request that all animals be contained while our crews are on the premises
  • Materials will be delivered the day before or the day of the roofing job. The roofing shingles are loaded on the roof by the supplier.
  • We generally start construction around 7-8am, and if needed, will work until dark to complete your roof.
  • During the construction or repair of your roof, you will hear quite a bit of noise from the workers. So if you have a comfortable place to spend your day, please take the opportunity to spend the day away from the construction. Let us handle everything.
  • During construction, some material will end up in the yard where a crew member will be cleaning periodically during the process. We run a professional magnet over the yard to ensure loose nails and metal are removed.
  • Once the scope of the roofing work was completed, our Project Managers will make sure that you are totally satisfied. The day after completing the sales associate will make a quality assurance walk of your roof, and your property, making sure you are fully satisfied.
  • If the project is an insurance claim, you will need to send your invoice to your insurance company, or we can if you prefer, for recovery of your depreciation.
  • Final payment for the roof is due at completion. If there was an insurance claim, as a courtesy, we will allow 14 calendar days for you to receive your Depreciation check from your insurance company. Your insurance company will send you the depreciation check made out to you and typically in about 10 days. However, our contract is with you and not the insurance company, so after 14 calendar days, we require payment. We are not responsible for your insurance company getting you your check in a timely manner.

Water Damage & Roofing of Austin is a trusted 5 Star Rated Company in Rollingwood Eanes Creek