Deciding where you want to stay or visit in Austin can be challenging. There are so many suburbs and neighborhoods, with each offering something different. 

This article will help you review significant suburbs around to help you understand what you’re getting into before deciding.

What Do You Want?

Not everyone fantasizes about staying close to their workplace or near the biggest shopping malls.

Some people want a serene atmosphere to help them relax. Others also enjoy places with lots of outdoor and sporting activities.

Anglers want water bodies and waterfront homes when looking for a place to stay.

The good news is that Austin has something for you regardless of your reason for wanting a home. 

The Best Austin Suburbs

  • Round Rock

Round Rock is a prominent suburb in the Austin Metropolitan Area. The community has a rich history in Texas, owing its name to a round rock in Brushy Creek. 

You can find this small city about 20 minutes from Downtown Austin, with a population of about 120,000. It is in the middle of Central Texas Hill Country, evident from the many homes covering some of the hills.

There are sections of the communities in this area under some management. However, there are several chances of finding houses without homeowners’ association (HOA) fees.

Round Rock is known as the sports capital of Texas, hosting several championship games at its sports center and the Round Rock Multipurpose Center.

If you are not interested in sports, you can also visit Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park to relax or play games. This place is an indoor theme park joined to the Kalahari Resort center. 

Shopping is one of the favorite pastimes in the Texas weather, and there are malls across the community to satisfy that.

Dell Computers is a significant business in the area, employing part of the population. It even has a baseball field there called the Dell Diamond.

  • Four Points 

Living in Four Points gives you access to Austin and keeps you near the great outdoors in the area. The community is about half an hour from Downtown Austin, surrounded by expansive greenbelts.

Even though the place is smaller than Round Rock, it is an excellent neighborhood for people who want to live near Lake Travis. This is why anglers buy most of the homes here. 

Many of the residents in this community also play golf as a pastime. You can hit the links at the UT Golf Club or River Place Country Club. The roads here provide some of the most excellent views of the Texas Hill Country.

There are home development projects along the throughways there. The location of these homes will provide seclusion from the chaos of other suburbs in Austin.

Four Points may have a deep connection to nature, but you will find malls there. Some large retailers line the roads waiting for visitors. Restaurants such as Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ provide exciting places to visit.

The Oasis on Lake Travis is a local hit. Many Four Points residents and people from other parts of Austin come there to eat and enjoy the sunset. 

  • Cedar Park 

You can find Cedar Park, about 16 miles from Downtown Austin. It is one of the fastest-growing communities in the Austin Metropolitan Area.

The place is famous for its shopping malls, so residents from Brushy Creek troop to Cedar Park to shop. 

Cedar Park has the H-E-B Center to host massive sports games to attract people from the surrounding towns and cities. Visitors also go to Splash Shack. This indoor waterpark is an exciting family activity.

Residents in Cedar Park are prominent on water sports as a popular pastime. There are also historical steam trains from the Austin Steam Train Association Museum to provide perspectives on how traveling by train has evolved.

The US 183 road crosses the city to create excellent spots for car dealerships, shops, restaurants, etc.

Some people living in Austin prefer being in Lakeway because it gives them direct access to Lake Travis. 

A section of Lakeway lies along the shores of the lake. However, the community stretches west and south, with many homes on the hills. These homes provide breathtaking views of Lake Travis to the west and Austin to the east. 

Anglers love spending their time on the lake. Boating is a favorite pastime for residents in Four Points, but it is a way of life for those living here.

Several of the owners of the beautiful waterfront homes have boats on hand. The most popular type is the pontoon boat, which helps residents host parties on the lake.

It is common to see several boats grouped on weekends having a blast. You can join the Freedom Boat Club, Hurst Harbor Marina, or Lakeway Marina to help you dock your boat if you still need to get a waterfront home.

Golfing is an excellent pastime for the residents of Lakeway. There are four golf courses about 20 minutes from each other where golfers can pass the time.

People not interested in boating can head into the city to shop or enjoy food at excellent restaurants.

  • Pflugerville 

Pflugerville is one of the most popular suburbs in Austin. This community is to the southeast of Round Rock. 

The name Pflugerville is from the German word for “plowman.” It explains why several farms lined up the community in the past. However, many have disappeared with time, with landowners selling their farms to home developers. 

There is a lake here that the residents visit when escaping the heat in this Austin suburb. You can also hang out at the beach or on several piers.

Pflugerville also has the Typhoon Texas Waterpark, with several slides and wave pools to enjoy. 

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the ideal place to stay, consider any of these major suburbs in Austin. There are other places you can also check out depending on the life you want to live.

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