Elroy, TX

Elroy is a tiny, unincorporated community nestled in Trinity County, TX. It is located about halfway between Dallas and Houston along State Highway 19. The community boasts a rich history dating back to the late nineteenth century when the lumber industry was booming in the region.

A Little Fun Fact

More. Did you know that the establishment of Elroy could be traced way back to the late 1800s when a sawmill was established in the region by a man called Elroy A. Wise? Elroy named the sawmill and the town after his son, Elroy. 

Eventually, the town quickly grew around the sawmill and became a flourishing community with its own businesses, schools, and post office. Also, the lumber industry was the main source of income and employment for the residents.

In the early twentieth century, the town experienced massive growth as the lumber industry thrived. The town was home to numerous sawmills, a hotel, a blacksmith shop, a grocery store, and various other businesses. Also, the town was a hub of activity and a bustling community with a population of more than 500 residents.

Nonetheless, the town started to decline in the mid-twentieth century as the lumber industry started to decline. The sawmills were closing one by one, and most of the residents were obliged to leave in search of work. By the 1950s, the town was only a shadow of its former self, not to mention the population had decreased to only a few hundred people. 

Nonetheless, despite its decline, Elroy has managed to survive as a small, rural community. They still have a small grocery store and post office, and it’s a peaceful place to live. Most of the residents are descendants of the original settlers and are proud of their heritage and their community’s rich history. 

A Perfect Place to Raise a Family 

Elroy is considered a tight-knit community. Its residents are known for their friendliness and hospitality. The town is also the perfect place to raise a family, and it provides a rural lifestyle that is far removed from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The town is surrounded by wonderful rolling hills, and the area’s natural beauty is a source of pride for the residents.

One of the highlights of Elroy lies in its park, which you can find in the town center. The park is considered to be a gathering place for the locals and is the ideal place for you to have a picnic, play ball, or just enjoy the outdoors. Browse around here

On top of that, the park is also the location of numerous community events throughout the year, such as the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and an annual Fourth of July celebration.

Another vital highlight of its church is that it is an essential part of the community. You see, the church is a gathering place for the locals, as it’s a place they can come together to support one another and worship. It’s also a source of strength and comfort for the residents, and it’s a testament to the community’s strong faith and spiritual values. 

Amenities You Can Expect at Elroy 

Remember that Elroy is only a small, rural community. Thus, their amenities are limited, unlike bigger cities and towns. Still, they provide some essential services and amenities, such as:

  • Church – Elroy has a church that is an integral part of the community. It acts as a gathering place for all the residents.


  • Grocery store – They have a small grocery store that offers basic supplies and necessities to the residents.


  • Post office – The town has its post office, offering vital mail services to the people. 


  • Park – Their park is located in the town center. 


  • Fire department – Elroy also has a volunteer fire department that offers emergency and fire protection services to the community when the need arises. 

There’s no doubt that even though Elroy is a small, rural community, it has a bright future and rich history. Despite its small size, the town has a deep connection to its past and a strong sense of community. Their residents are proud of their heritage and are dedicated to restoring the community’s traditions and history for future generations.

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, Elroy is a wonderful place to experience the peace and beauty of rural Texas.