West Sixth Street

Sixth Street in Austin is a vibrant entertainment district and historic street. It is the heart of the city’s urban core. The street was originally named Pecan Street. Before the city adopted a new naming convention, streets in the area were named for trees, such as pecans. Today, the popular acorns and pecan tree are still a main attraction, and visitors to the area can shop and dine on their way to the University of Texas campus.



The eclectic, historic vibe of West Sixth Street is a welcome change from the usual hipster atmosphere. While the area does not feature a plethora of bars, locals can find a great selection of dining options here. Waterloo Records, which opened in 1982, has been a staple in Austin for decades. The store is still open and offers free downloads of albums and other music.

With its upscale character, West Sixth Street is a prized destination for decadent dinners, craft beer, sports events, shopping, and nightlife. Aside from dining and drinking, the area is also home to 24-hour diners, independent bookstores, and eclectic boutiques. And if you’re not the social type, the area is a popular place to see and be seen. There’s always something to do and a drink to enjoy, so get out and explore this part of Austin.


Dogwood Bar – Dogwood is a popular venue on West Sixth Street. With an outdoor stage and 80-foot bar, this popular Austin bar has become a destination for locals and tourists alike. In addition to live music, Dogwood also features a full menu and an eclectic crowd. The Belmont is an Austin staple, and one of its most famous bars. A good place to enjoy a live show is the Dogwood bar, which offers a live stage and a live musical performance.

Kung Fu is a classy pub with a central drinks bar. The Star Bar has a wide variety of beers, and both indoor and outdoor seating is available. If you are looking for a more casual place to drink and watch people parade up West Sixth Street, you’ve found it! You’ll be able to catch the sights and sounds of downtown Austin from the comfort of your own seat.

Foodies can enjoy a wide variety of foods and beverages in the West 6th Street area. The area is a great location for a night out. With more than 100 restaurants and coffee shops, you’re sure to find something you love. There are also many local grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market, Bee Grocery, and Advanced Markets Group. If you like coffee, there are several local coffee shops nearby.


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