Walnut Forest, TX

Walnut, Texas is a small town located on Highway 124 in Collin County. It is often referred to as the ‘mini-Dallas’ because of its large business sector and vast housing developments. Although Walnut isn’t as well-known as neighboring cities like Plano or Allen, it is an important part of the South Central Texas region. If you are interested in learning more about this rural town, check out this article. You will learn exactly what makes Walnut so great, as well as why you should give it a second glance if you are looking for a new home.

History of Walnut, Texas

Walnut was founded in 1890 and was known as the ‘Queen City’ of the Hill Country. In 1915, it was incorporated and became the county seat. The city experienced a boom in the 1920s, due to the construction of the Texas State Highway Loop 1. This highway connected Dallas to San Antonio, which provided a boost for the economy. During the Great Depression, Walnut saw a large population decrease, due to other cities being more attractive to workers. Learn more

Important Localities in Walnut, TX

Due to the city’s small size, you can find walnuts in the center of most major towns. However, you can also find it in the middle of farmland. The key localities in Walnut are listed below. You can find more information about these locales if you are interested. – Town Center – The town center is a popular location for restaurants and shopping centers. This area is located at the intersection of W. FM and Walnut St. – Walnut Hills – This is a newer neighborhood consisting mostly of townhomes. It is located at the southern end of town. – South Walnut – This is a newer neighborhood and is also located in southern Walnut. It is a mostly rural area with a few neighborhoods. – West Walnut – This is a newer neighborhood that is located in the western part of town. It has a growing business sector and a new movie theater.

Healthcare in Walnut, TX

Visit site. Like most smaller cities, Walnut doesn’t have a large healthcare sector. However, it does have a few options if you decide to move here. You are within driving distance of several hospitals, such as the Dallas Medical Center, the Baylor Plano, or the Texas Health Presbyterian. If you choose to stay in Walnut, there are a few options for medical care. You have the Southwestern Medical Group, which is a well-known medical center in the area. You can also check out the many doctor’s offices in Walnut if your local physician isn’t open on weekends.

Schools in Walnut, TX

For schools, Walnut is a good option. You are within a short drive of several major high schools, such as Dallas Baptist University, Lake Highlands, or Plano Senior. In Walnut, you have several options for high schools. You have Walnut High School, which is a well-known school in the area. You also have the Academy of Biblical Studies, Riverwalk, and Ravenwood.


Overall, Walnut is a great place to live. It is close to Dallas and San Antonio has a large business sector and a good healthcare sector. The only downside to Walnut is that it is a small town. If that isn’t a problem for you, then this is a great place to live! This article is meant to provide a brief overview of this town. We hope it has helped you learn more about Walnut and its surrounding areas.