The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin, originally the museum Austin Museum of Art, is a modern art museum and art school that reflects a broad spectrum of contemporary art. Their exhibitions, commissions, education, and collection reflect the diverse landscape of contemporary art. The Contemporary is a must-see destination for the arts-loving Austin community. By visiting the attraction at 3809 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703, you can find a variety of artwork by local and international artists. A visit to the galleries and museums of this modern art complex will leave you with a new appreciation for modern art and the city’s growing creative economy. Next blog post

The Contemporary Austin - Laguna Gloria

The Contemporary Austin is located in downtown Austin. Located in a 19th-century Italianate villa, it is home to a stunning sculpture of a 33-foot man clad in aluminum called Laguna Gloria. The sculpture is a highlight of the “Museum Without Walls” program, which creates outdoor exhibits throughout the city. The trail that leads from the visitors’ center to a sculptural circuit is a paved path along the side of the building and includes national and local artists.

The Austin Museum of Art was established in 1911 and expanded with the acquisition of the Laguna Gloria Art Museum. In the 1980s, it was renamed the Austin Museum of Arts. In 2009, it was acquired by the Texas Fine Arts Association, which led to the creation of the current name, The Contemporary Austin. The new name, Arthouse at the Jones Center, is a result of the merger between the two institutions. Click here

The contemporary is a must-see destination when visiting downtown Austin. The new Jones Center is located in a historic Italianate villa and is the most prominent branch of the museum. The contemporary exhibits include modern and contemporary art. This museum received 2017 Best of Design Award for Adaptive Reuse, recognizing its adaptive reuse’s sculptural and architectural merit. It was judged by Eric Bunge, who characterized the building as a beacon of the city.

The Contemporary Austin is a city museum in Downtown Austin. The main building houses the two museums: The Laguna Gloria and the Jones Center for Contemporary Art. The former is home to the AMOA, celebrating its 50 years of existence in the community. The former has been renamed Arthouse at the Jones Center. The latter is part of the city’s “Museum Without Walls” program. The trail leading out of the back door leads to a circuit of contemporary art by local and national artists.

The Contemporary Austin - Laguna Gloria

The Contemporary Austin also has a striking new addition on the roof. The reimagined Jones Center is an art museum that features a variety of exhibitions and exhibits. Its new look and expanded spaces make it a must-visit destination for art lovers. It is the city’s first public art museum. Moreover, it’s the most popular museum in the area, and one of the reasons it is a favorite destination.