Cherry Creek

Expert Water Damage Restoration

We will fix what water has done to your home. Our technicians ensure your Cherry Creek property is fully repaired.

Did you know? Water Damage …
  1. Can either be caused suddenly (for example a hot water heater bursting).
  2. Can be caused over time (example: slow roofing leak caused by storm damage).
  3. Happens when you least expect it.
  4. Causes mold and mildew to grow.
  5. Erodes otherwise solid structures.
  6. Can cause a slow decay that can become dangerous to your home and your family.
  7. Can be fully restored!

If you suspect water damage, call Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin at 512-820-6505 today. We will work with you.

Our technicians are experienced. We can detect the leak and find the source of the water. After we identify the problem, we can stop the leak from occurring. Next, we work for complete remediation of the damaged areas to original condition.

Water Damage from Flooded Dishwasher Caused Kitchen Remodel to Austin Tx Home in Cherry Creek

Did you know? Roofing Damage …

Doesn’t take very much water to begin to erode your homes structural integrity. In actuality, the moment that a drop of water gets into past your roofing structure, and into your home’s architecture, your personal belongings and your family are in danger. Whether you have damage from decay to the home’s structure or water that was left unattended that mildewed, call Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin at 512-820-6505.

What can happen if you have a roof leak:
  • Your home and your belongings are in jeopardy.
  • Your home is potentially at risk for structural damage.
  • Damage to the walls, floors, ceiling, and carpets.

This is why you should always know the condition of your roofing system. You don’t want your home in jeopardy of having water issues.

Roofing Leak caused Water Damage to Ceiling in local Cherry Creek home in Austin, Tx

Local Roofing Company & Local Water Damage Restoration Company – Austin, TX

Cherry Creek residents, and your neighbors in the 78745 and 78748 zip codes, if you notice discoloration of your shingles, or if you notice the granules from the shingles have started to fall off and into your flower beds, then you probably should have a roofing contractor come out and take a look at the condition of your roof. The hot Texas sun, cold winters, and abrupt spring storms really make your roof work overtime to keep your home dry and your attic cool.

Call Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin to schedule a roofing inspection. One of our project managers will come out and inspect your roofing system. They will give you a thorough inspection, including photos, that will show you the roofing issues that you may face. If no work is needed, our roofing experts will gladly let you know that you have 2 years, 5 years, or maybe more left on the roof, whatever it may be. You can trust our company to be respectful with your time and your money. We will never sell you something that you do not need.

If you expect that you have a roofing issue, call Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin now at 512-820-6505, and schedule an appointment today!