Warrantied Water Damage Restoration

We are experts when it comes to bringing your home back to its undamaged condition. We have cameras and infrared technology to see where water has leaked and resides in your home. We use our teams full set of assets and machines to dry your home completely. We have blowers, extractors, and fans to quickly evaporate the water. Then we can get to work putting your home back together again.

Our team will be with you every step of the way. Once you call us, we will be focused on getting your life and property dry and put back together again.

Experienced local professional roofing company Repairing and replacing Roofs in Allandale in Austin, Tx


Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin has been a local and trusted name in the Water Damage and Roofing industries for years. We offer 24/7 emergency water restoration, mitigation, repair, and cleanup service. We also offer top-quality roofing work services.

You will be receiving our best, that is our promise.

Response Time

We will get to you quickly. Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin has one of the fastest response rates on Yelp. The sooner we can get out to help you, the better chance we will have to identify and fix the problem.

We answer your call quickly. We will inspect your property quickly. We will help you quickly.


Our water damage technicians have the latest technology to identify and solve your water damage problem. We have equipment that allows us to find the leak quicker. Once we stop the leak or leaks, we can begin to mitigate, and then fix the damages caused by water damage. Our equipment allows our customers to get back to their daily lives quicker.

We get the results you need.

Water Damage & Roofing of Austin TX Uses the Latest Technology for Leak Detection and Remediation

Local Allandale Roofing Company – Austin, Texas

If you live in the Allandale or the zip codes of 78757, 78756, or 78731, please consider scheduling a free roofing inspection with Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin. Our skilled roofing project manager will dispatch quickly to your home or business. We promise to be on time and on task. We will not waste your time trying to sell you something that you don’t need. You can trust our company to give you a fair quote for fair work, at a fair price. This is why we have so many positive reviews. We work by the golden rule.

We provide roofing repairs and roofing replacements for both residential and commercial customers in the Austin area. Please keep it local, and call 512-820-6505 to schedule your free roofing inspection with Water Damage Restoration and Roofing of Austin today!