Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter

Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter is located on the shores of Lake Travis. This bird sanctuary is a haven for avian enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From its expansive trails to its breathtaking views, it’s no wonder why so many flocks here each year. 

Short History of Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter

The Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter has been around since 1982 when it was established by local philanthropist and avid birder Dr. Robert J. “Rusty” Osborne. Since then, it has become a beloved destination for both locals and tourists who come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful birds in North America – from bald eagles soaring through the sky to great blue herons standing guard along Lake Travis’ shoreline. The rustic setting also provides visitors with plenty of opportunities for photography or simply enjoying nature’s beauty at its finest. But beyond being just a tourist attraction, the shelter serves an important purpose: providing habitat for endangered species such as black-capped vireos and golden-cheeked warblers while educating people about conservation efforts throughout Central Texas. Continue

Experience Nature Up Close At The Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter: An Overview

Visiting the Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter in Austin, Texas, is an experience like no other. This wildlife sanctuary offers visitors a chance to get up close and personal with nature. From witnessing rare birds in their natural habitats to learning about conservation efforts, there’s something for everyone at the Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter. Look here

At this birding shelter, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on avian species and conservation practices. There are interactive exhibits that provide insight into how different birds live and thrive in their environment. Visitors can also take part in educational programs run by experts who will guide them through the various bird-watching activities available at the park. You’ll be able to observe some of the most beautiful creatures from around the world as they glide over your head or perch atop trees nearby.

The Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter also provides an ideal setting for outdoor recreation, such as hiking and biking trails as well as picnic areas where visitors can enjoy lunch while admiring nature’s beauty all around them. With its convenient location near downtown Austin, it’s easy to feel connected with nature here without having to go too far away from home.

Why Visit A Wildlife Sanctuary In Austin, Texas

At the Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter, you’ll be able to enjoy bird-watching from several observation spots throughout the park. You can even take part in guided tours with experienced birders who can teach you more about these majestic creatures as well as any other wildlife living onsite. These tours offer unique opportunities for learning and connecting with nature – something no zoo or aquarium could ever provide. 

You’ll also find plenty of amenities available during your visit so that you don’t have to worry about packing too much for your trip. There’s a cafe onsite where you can grab some snacks or lunch if needed, along with restrooms and picnic tables so that visitors can relax between sightseeing trips around the reserve. Plus, if weather permits, camping is allowed at certain times of the year so that visitors may extend their stay further into nature’s beauty. With all these options available in one place, it’s easy to see why people love visiting this special spot in the Central Texas Hill Country region.

From viewing native species up close to taking part in guided tours led by experts – there are many reasons why visiting a wildlife sanctuary such as The Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter makes for an unforgettable experience. So come prepared with binoculars and camera ready – next stop: rare and exotic birds!

Get Ready To Spot Rare And Exotic Birds At The Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter

The shelter has been around since 1976 and provides a peaceful respite from city life. It offers several bird-watching hides that are perfect for getting up close and personal with some of your feathered friends. There are also many trails that wind through the forested areas nearby, providing a great way to explore while keeping an eye out for any special sightings. And don’t forget about all those wonderful Texas sunsets – they make for a spectacular backdrop at dusk.

This birding sanctuary is truly one-of-a-kind; it not only gives visitors access to incredible wildlife but also creates an environment where people can appreciate nature without leaving behind their urban lives. So if you’re looking for a unique experience filled with stunning views and unforgettable encounters with Mother Nature, then look no further than Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter in Austin, Texas!


At the Rusty Osborne Birding Shelter in Austin, Texas, visitors have the unique opportunity to experience nature up close. This wildlife sanctuary is home to a wide variety of rare and exotic birds that can be spotted year-round. It provides an excellent opportunity for people to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature without disturbing it. 

Important Information to Remember

  • Location: 614 N Commons Ford Rd, Austin, TX 78733, United States