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When your roof needs replacement, trust our professionals for a timely job done right. Our team in Hyde Park, Austin, TX, has years of experience in this field and can help you with all your roofing needs.

Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR is a professional and trustworthy company with a reputation for providing quality craft at affordable prices. We offer our customers peace of mind and provide the best roofing services at affordable prices.

Roofers Working With Metal Tile

Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR Roofing Services in Hyde Park, Austin, TX 78751, USA

We are a local roofing company with years of experience in the roofing industry. Our roofers are experts at what they do and have worked hard to ensure we provide you with the best roofing services in Hyde Park, Austin, Tx. We will be happy to answer any questions about our company or services so that you can choose us for all your roofing needs.

Hyde Park Roof Repair Services in Hyde Park

If you’re experiencing leaks or have a problem with your roofing system, we can help! Our team will inspect your home for structural and water damage issues.

Trusted Roof Installation Company Hyde Park, Austin, TX

Our installation experts can install your new roof or replace your old one. We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure you get the best results possible!

High-End Roof Replacement Hyde Park, Austin

For roofs that have reached the end of their life span, it’s time to replace them with something more efficient and resilient. Roof Replacement is a complete tear-off of the existing roofing system for a new one.

Roof Inspection Specialists Hyde Park, TX

A roof inspection is a critical part of any roofing project to help you make an informed decision about whether or not you want to proceed with your roofing project.

Free Professional Roof Estimate Hyde Park

Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR offers a wide range of services, from roof inspection to reroofing, to ensure you are satisfied. We offer personalized service for each job to ensure that we meet your needs and expectations. Before deciding what roofing system to use on your home, you should get an estimate.

Reliable Reroof Services Hyde Park, Austin, TX

Our reroofing team can help ensure a smooth transition from old to new. We will work with you throughout the process so that everything goes smoothly. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns about our company or services.

Efficient Hail Damage Roofing Company Hyde Park, Austin, TX

Hail damage to your roof can be problematic when left untreated. If you have hail damage and need a professional roofer to inspect the area, Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR is here for you. Our team of experts will make necessary repairs so your home is ready for the next storm.

Well-Made Metal Roofing Hyde Park, Austin, TX

Metal roofing is an excellent option for areas with high winds and hail, as it can withstand weather conditions that might damage other roofs. This roofing will protect your investment while helping you avoid losses due to extreme weather.

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Hyde Park is a charming residential enclave with tree-lined streets and homes from the turn of the 20th century. Examples of Victorian architecture, including Queen Annes and Tudor Revivals, mix with Craftsman bungalows. The Elizabet Ney Museum, a castlelike residence and studio built in 1893 by a free-spirited sculptor & artist, showcases over 100 of her pieces. Coffeehouses and cafes round out the scene.