It is true that roofs deteriorate through time, but homeowners face confusion as to when is the right moment to replace an old one. Replacing roofs prematurely can be an unnecessary cost but relying too much on repairs for dilapidated ones cause leaks and extensive roof repair. This leaves the question, “When are repairs enough and when should I replace my roof?”

The answer hinges on several factors such as the shingle’s age, the climate and the structural integrity of your home. Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR is here to help you determine the right time for roof replacement in this article.

The Considerations

Total roof replacements are considered as major home investments, so homeowners try to delay this activity by doing repairs. After all, the prices for shingles have doubled for the last decade so it is understandable that resort to more affordable alternatives. Yet note that there are instances where repairs will not patch a problem, yet aggravate this until it affects your house.

The Roof’s Age

Perhaps the most important consideration, most asphalt shingles are deemed to last for 15 to 30 years. Tile roofs are expected to last longer, but wooden ones need to be replaced earlier. Damaged roofs but still in good shape may be fixed by repairs. However, ones that are at least 20 years old are bound for replacement.

The Seriousness Of Leaks

An inspection will help you determine how extensive the leak on your roof is. If the leak is isolated, a repair is enough. However, multiple leaks call for a replacement.

Your Intention To Stay

Roof replacement raises a property’s value but only do this if you intend to live in your place for a long time. If your circumstances render you to transfer residences from time to time and the roof can still be repaired, repairs are a much more viable choice.

The Hidden Costs

Unfortunately, roof replacement comes with other major refurbishments such as gutter replacement and landscape restoration. Never hesitate to ask your contractor about these hidden costs as included in a comprehensive estimate in the project. You also need to consider the materials you use for roof replacement to avail significant discount in your insurance policy. As a rule, wind or fire resistant materials result to lower periodic payments.

How Long These Solutions Last

Repairs are less expensive to incur but only provide short to medium term solutions. On the other hand, a new roof is more expensive but should last for decades. This also raises property values and is more guaranteed to shelter you from inclement weather conditions.

roofing contractor replacing a roof

Finding The Right Contractor

The roof is considered as the most important part of your home. It protects you from the weather while providing a nice ventilation inside. Finding the right roofing tradesperson that helps you decide whether you need a repair or replacement is a must. Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR commits to provide impartial assessments for the best interest of our clients. We also give pieces of advice to extend the life of your roof and when is the right time to repair or replace your roofs.

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