Roof Repair

Let us inspect your home’s roofing system. We have tradespeople who are highly skilled at repairing roof damage with a new and durable material that will protect your home from the elements. By taking the time to learn about the Roofing Repair process and how to find a qualified roofing contractor, you can protect your property.

Call Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR immediately when you notice roofing damages.

Roof Repair Steps

Inspect Roofing System for Roof Repair

  • If you have experienced a water leak in your home or noticed missing or deteriorating roof shingles, we will come out to your home and visually inspect your roofing system.
  • Things that a roof repair inspector will review
    • Age
    • Granule Loss
    • Hail Wind Damage
    • Tree Damage
    • Gutter Damage
    • Correct Pitch on the Roof to let the water cascade
    • No dead valleys where water can collect and deteriorate your roofing materials
    • Crickets and diverters are adequately installed to divert rainwater away from the chimney
    • Flashing is installed correctly near Chimney and vent stacks

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Assess Damages 

  • If we discover a problem with your roof, we first want to repair it. We don’t want you to have to spend any money if you don’t have to

Install Roofing Material

  • Roof repairs on various types of roofs
    • Asphalt Shingle Roof
    • Barrel Tile Roof
    • Snap-lock Metal Panel Roof
    • Flat Roof
  • Technicians should install your roofing material in a way that follows industry-leading best practices

Clean Up and Roofing Inspection

  • Using heavy professional magnets, we find and clear all debris from your home’s roof, driveway, and yard
  • Thoroughly inspect the installation of the roof repair and the durability of the material
  • Meet with customer to finalize job and receive full payment for work and materials


  • The manufacturer should warrant your roofing materials by the roofing contractor that repaired your roof.

Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR has a solid reputation for local roofing repair expertise. We operate on the golden rule and offer each homeowner fairness and honesty. We also offer a roof repair warranty on our work.