Roof Repair and Hail Damage

Many insurance policies cover roof repair after a hailstorm. This is especially useful if you live in an area that has a lot of hail damage. Typically, roofs that have been damaged by hail are completely replaced to reduce the likelihood of water damage. To find out if your policy covers hail damage, consult your policy paperwork or contact your insurance company. While hail damage is rare, it can occur, and it can be extremely expensive. Learn more

Regardless of how much hail damage your roof has sustained, it is important to have it inspected immediately. You should be able to identify damage by the loose granules on the roof and if you can see any of the underlayment underneath, then you should contact a roofing contractor to come make a proper inspection. In some cases, you might also be able to detect hail damage by looking at a light-colored chalk. However, the exact signs of hail damage depend on the material of the roof. Brown splits with sharp corners on a wood shingle are one of the most common symptoms of hail damage.

Before hiring a roofer, determine the extent of damage. You can inspect the roof from the street to check if there are any loose granules or if it’s exposed to the roof. You can also use a light-colored chalk to spot any possible hail damage. While the signs of hail damage vary from material to material, there are some general warning signs. If your home is made of wood shingles, the presence of brown splits with sharp corners on the exterior can indicate this type of damage.

Aside from hail causing roof leaks, the shingles themselves can also be affected. In addition, a weakened roof will be more susceptible to further damage. If you have insurance, you can have your roof replaced or repaired. Depending on the extent of the damage, your insurance company may cover a repair or replacement of the entire roof. You’ll be required to pay for the actual cost of the damage, which can be more than the cost of the hail. Additional info

After a hailstorm, you should inspect your roof. A few months later, you will see signs of the damage. This is due to the gradual process of the hail damage on the roof. The exposed layer will be more susceptible to cracks, and this could lead to expensive roof repairs. Thankfully, hail damage can be repaired before you realize it is a major issue. A professional roofer will inspect the roof for cracks and other issues before the storm has time to take hold.


You should call a professional roofer if you notice hail damage on your roof. Depending on the extent of damage, a video may be necessary. If the damage is severe, it may require a ladder. Do not attempt to climb on the roof. This can cause further damage and put you at risk of a fall. Instead, let a professional assess the damages and file an insurance claim for you. They will assess the extent of the damage and recommend a course of action.