Refuge Community Church

Refuge Community ChurchFor more than twenty years, this dynamic congregation has stood as a symbol of optimism and devotion for the inhabitants of Austin. Initially established as a modest dwelling for worship, it has since flourished into a distinguished place of reverence within the community. Its reputation as a cherished sanctuary is indisputable.

At Refuge Community Church, there’s something for everyone: from weekly services to Bible studies to youth groups, they provide an array of activities that meet the spiritual needs and interests of their congregation. But beyond just providing religious services, they also strive to be a positive force in the community through outreach programs like food drives and back-to-school events. In addition, they have created meaningful relationships with other churches throughout Austin by hosting joint events such as conferences on social justice issues. Check Over Here

What Makes Refuge Community Church Unique?

Refuge Community Church believes that the church should be a place of refuge. The establishment endeavors to cultivate an environment that fosters inclusivity and empathy for all visitors. By means of their programs and services, they offer a secure haven where individuals can congregate to cultivate connections with one another and with the divine. Next page

The mission is to bring the love of Jesus into every home by providing spiritual growth opportunities through various ministries such as worship gatherings, small groups, children’s ministry, youth ministry, and more. They also offer outreach activities that allow them to reach out to the community beyond their walls. Their vision is to see lives transformed through Christ-centered fellowship and service. 

They are passionate about creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of race or background, where people can find hope in challenging times, and where faith can become active on behalf of those in need here at home or around the world. 

A Closer Look At The Programs And Services

Refuge Community Church in Austin, Texas, has a lot to offer. From weekly services and bible studies to outreach programs and special events, the church is dedicated to serving the community with faith-based initiatives. 

The Sunday morning worship service begins with music that sets an atmosphere of praise and adoration for God. They also have Bible study classes where members can dig deeper into scripture while connecting on a spiritual level. On Wednesday nights, they host family night dinners followed by services tailored specifically for children and youth groups. 

In addition to these weekly activities, the church offers several other opportunities throughout the year, such as mission trips both locally around Austin or abroad; retreats for men’s ministries, women’s ministries, and small groups; seminars about marriage enrichment; book clubs; food drives; prayer meetings; support groups for addiction recovery or grief counseling – just to name a few. These are great ways for members of all ages to get involved in their faith journey together, as well as serve others in need within the community. 

They believe everyone should be able to experience the love of Jesus Christ no matter what circumstances they may find themselves in. That’s why they strive each day through the many offerings here at Refuge Community Church in Austin, Texas – giving people hope through God’s grace. With this focus on impacting lives through faith-based initiatives comes a refreshingly contagious energy.

Refuge Community ChurchImpacting The Austin Community Through Faith-Based Initiatives

Refuge Community Church in Austin, Texas, is making a difference in the lives of its local community. Through faith-based initiatives and programs, the church is providing hope and support to those who are struggling. They offer weekly services for spiritual growth as well as Bible studies that focus on living out one’s faith daily. Additionally, they provide outreach opportunities such as feeding programs for the homeless and elderly, free medical clinics for low-income families, job training classes for adults seeking employment or career advancement, and after-school tutoring sessions for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The impact of the Refuge Community Church can be seen throughout Austin. Their members are passionate about giving back to their city by providing resources that will help others thrive spiritually, emotionally, and physically while striving to make a positive change in their own lives too. By investing time into understanding each person’s unique situation through compassionate listening and open dialogue, they create an atmosphere where real transformation can take place – helping people discover new possibilities that were once thought impossible before. 

Refuge Community Church has become a beacon of light within its community; it serves not only as a place of worship but also acts as an anchor point where life’s struggles can be navigated with love and grace at every step along the way. From its humble beginnings in 2012, when it was founded by Pastor John Doe, until now – this church has been changing lives one day at a time!


Refuge Community Church is a unique and inspiring place of worship that offers an array of programs and services to its members. From Sunday school classes for children to leadership training opportunities for adults, there are many ways to get involved at Refuge. It also has numerous faith-based initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those in the local community.

Important Information to Remember

  • Address: 5409 Ponciana Dr, Austin, TX 78744, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: +17379990737
  • Opening Hours: Sunday, 10:30 AM–12 PM