Josephine Houston Elementary School

Josephine Houston Elementary SchoolJosephine Houston Elementary School in Austin, Texas, is a unique and inspiring place. Situated near the esteemed University of Texas campus, the academic institution catering to kindergarten through fifth-grade students has been an integral part of the Austin community for a distinguished span of over seven decades.

History And Overview Of Josephine Houston Elementary School

Josephine Houston Elementary School (JHES) is a proud part of the Austin Independent School District, located in the heart of Texas’s capital city. Established in 1969, JHES has been providing quality education to students for over fifty years. Its mission is to “create an environment that empowers all learners with necessary skills and experiences to become life-long learners and productive citizens in our global society” – a sentiment that resonates throughout its faculty, staff, parents, and students alike. More Information

JHES offers an array of programs tailored specifically for its student body, from early childhood learning through fifth-grade classes. It also provides specialized services such as speech therapy and other related health services for those who may need them. In addition to these core courses, JHES focuses on introducing technology into the classroom setting, with computer labs available for both teachers and students. This emphasis on technological advancement ensures that their graduates are prepared for success in higher education or professional careers upon graduation from high school. 

The institution takes immense pride in establishing a secure environment conducive to learning, free from any form of bias or discrimination. This entails nurturing an all-encompassing ambiance that upholds the dignity of every student, unconditionally embracing diversity in ethnicity, gender identity, religion, and sexual orientation. Their commitment to making sure all children feel welcome extends beyond the traditional curriculum: they offer after-school activities like chess club and dance lessons as well as sports teams such as basketball which help foster connections among peers while teaching important values such as teamwork and dedication outside of academics. 

At JHES, there are ample opportunities available no matter what level your child might be at academically or socially: it strives to create a nurturing environment where each individual can reach their full potential while having fun along the way! With so many different programs designed just for them coupled with passionate educators working hard every day, it’s no wonder why Josephine Houston Elementary School remains one of Austin’s top elementary schools today—it truly lives up to its motto, “Excellence Through Education.” From here, we move on to exploring some of the unique programs and opportunities available for students at JHES.

Programs And Opportunities For Students At JHES

Josephine Houston Elementary School in Austin, Texas, has a variety of programs and opportunities for students to explore. From the school’s art program to its after-school clubs, JHES provides students with an array of options to help them further their education and growth.

The school’s art program offers classes such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, multi-media art projects, and more. These classes are designed to encourage creativity while teaching valuable skills that can be applied both inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, there are many after-school activities available at JHES, including robotics club and chess club, as well as sports teams like baseball and basketball. All these activities provide stimulating outlets for student exploration while also fostering teamwork among peers. 

In addition to structured activities offered by the school itself, JHES encourages parents or other community members who have expertise in any area to come in during lunchtime or recess periods once a week or month to hold workshops on anything from gardening tips to public speaking advice. This is just one way that the school works hard not only on educating its students but engaging with families within its community too.

With so many exciting programs and opportunities available at Josephine Houston Elementary School, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular choice among local families looking for quality education

Josephine Houston Elementary SchoolParent And Community Involvement At JHES

At Josephine Houston Elementary School (JHES) in Austin, Texas, parent and community involvement is an integral part of the school’s success. The teachers and staff at JHES recognize that parents and members of the local area are key stakeholders in their students’ education. From volunteering in classrooms to attending PTA meetings, there are numerous opportunities for parents and other members of the community to get involved with JHES.

The benefits of parent and community involvement go beyond just helping out with day-to-day tasks at school; it also allows families to become more aware of what’s going on within the classroom setting as well as providing a platform for them to advocate for their children’s needs. Community organizations can provide resources such as mentoring programs, tutoring services, or even just moral support. This type of engagement helps create an environment where every student feels empowered by knowing that their family supports them throughout their educational journey at JHES. 

Parental involvement has been linked to improved academic outcomes among students; research shows that when parents are actively engaged in their child’s schooling, they tend to have higher grades than those whose parents don’t take part in activities like attending conferences or participating in volunteer work within the school system. Additionally, studies show that increased parental participation leads to better behavior amongst students – meaning fewer disciplinary issues overall. It’s clear why so many schools strive towards fostering strong relationships between home life and classroom learning: when everyone works together towards a common goal like successful student achievement, great things can happen. Click Here


Josephine Houston Elementary School in Austin, Texas, is a great school for students and their families. It offers an array of programs and opportunities for students to learn, grow, and thrive. The school also encourages strong parent and community involvement which helps create a positive learning environment. 

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