It’s awful to deal with storm damage to your roof since it may lead to leaks and other issues that eventually harm the whole roof.

Fortunately, you might not have to pay for your roof repairs with your money if you have a trustworthy home insurance provider.

Still, filing insurance claims can be challenging, particularly if you have significant roof damage and want to replace your roof.

We’re here to show you that hail storms don’t have to be the end of the world and that you can get hail damage roof replacement as soon as it happens.

Should You Replace A Roof With Hail Damage?

After a storm, the biggest question on homeowners’ minds is whether or not to replace their roofs.

Remember to completely replace your roof if you find leaks after a storm.

Nevertheless, most roof damage doesn’t show up straight away.

Before contemplating a replacement, you have to think about a few things.

Sometimes you don’t have to go to the top of your roof to find considerable hail damage, but not all of it is easy to identify.

That’s why you’ll need the guidance of an insurance adjuster to determine whether or not you should replace your roof.

This will also increase the chances of your insurance company covering the hail damage.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage After A Hail Storm?

Most homeowners’ policies cover this after filing a claim, especially because Texas is the number one state with houses that sustain hail damage.

Therefore, your homeowners’ insurance provider should cover storm damage and other problems caused by inclement weather.

Still, many wonder if homeowners insurance will pay for their hail damage.

This will depend on your insurance policy.

However, if you think hail has caused damage to your roof, call your insurance company before contacting a roofing contractor.

Your local roofing contractor can assess your ceiling, but before fixing the damage, they will need your insurance adjuster to approve the hail damage claim.

How Much Damage Does A Roof Need To Be Replaced By An Insurance Company?

Although roof repair is frequently the least expensive choice, it has significant limitations. Keep reading to discover if your roof has sustained enough damage to be replaced.

Water Damage

The degree of moisture your property has experienced should be considered when choosing between partial or complete roof replacement.

Look for damage when evaluating your interior walls and ceilings.

Can you see paint flaking or water stains? What percentage of the wall is damaged? Are there any indications of mold?

The roof is probably flooded if you can find many of these indicators.

Restoring the damaged roof area could be possible if the leak is reasonably small.

Nonetheless, getting a new roof is probably required if the moisture issue is severe.

Broken Shingles

Shingles can be lost or damaged due to aging, extreme weather, and inadequate construction.

The underlying roofing structure is not adequately protected when shingles are split, curled, or ripped, making it possible for moisture to enter the home.

A straightforward roof repair often solves the issue if the damage is minor, such as one lost shingle.

hail damaged asphalt shingle roof

Deterioration Signs

When determining whether or not to replace your roof entirely, you should consider how old your roof is.

If your roof is only a few years old and is already leaking, the issue was probably caused by poor-quality materials, poor installation, or a material fault.

It takes years or even decades for everyday wear and tear to happen.

If your roof is near the end of its useful life, replacing it is a wiser investment than making more expensive repairs.

Natural Disasters

If a severe storm or other misfortune has affected your house, it may have suffered severe damage.

Violent storms can result in damage that may not be apparent until it starts to impact the interior of your home, so you may not be able to identify how bad it is by merely glancing at the roof.

You should hire a qualified roof installation contractor to inspect your roof if you are worried about storm-related damage.

If significant damage is discovered, a new roof may be required.

hail damaged marks on asphalt shingle roof

How Do Homeowners Insurance Adjusters Determine Hail Damage to Your Roof?

Many people don’t know if their homeowners’ insurance cover hail damage and what their insurance adjuster will check when they evaluate a property after a storm.

The following hail damage signs show when a roof needs to be fixed or replaced:

Granule Loss

This aspect does not necessitate repair or replacement, but it implies that the roof’s lifespan may have been reduced.

Missing or Damaged Roofing Materials

If you want your insurance company to approve an insurance claim, the shingle’s surface must show severe damage.

damaged roofing material

Damaged Vents

These dents in your metal vents can be a useful tool to back up your claims by showing the size and frequency of hail.

Broken Gutters

Gutter damage might indicate that the roof is no longer useful.

Other Damaged Objects

The outside of the building will also be evaluated, including the paint, windows, fences, screens, and any other damage to personal goods.

This will help create and record reliable evidence to support the insurance claim and allow your insurer to understand the type and degree of damage your property has sustained.


An adjuster will search for leakage indicators such as decay, peeling beneath the roof, curled or buckled roofing, and broken or corroded ceilings, as these are tell-tale signs of damage.

Moreover, you may also see dark stains inside your house, along with peeled paint.

person holding a bucket to catch leak

Are Asphalt Shingles Important?

Granules fall off, and dents emerge when hail hits an asphalt shingle, making the shingles brittle.

Gutters may get full of these particles.

The asphalt beneath may also gets loose because of exposure to the environment.

A few weeks later, exposure to the sun’s harsh rays or the bitter cold can erode the asphalt coating and brittle the shingles.

This will make the shingles more susceptible to UV ray damage.

Moreover, the water can leak through and damage ceiling fans.

Hire Our Hail Damage Roof Replacement Services

If you need help filing an insurance claim for a hail-damaged roof, you have come to the right place.

Here at Austin Roofing & Water Damage | WDR, we have plenty of experience dealing with hail damage insurance companies and insurance claims.

We can quickly send a roofing contractor to your home to prevent further damage and give you an estimated replacement cost for your roof.

All you have to do is call us after a hail event, and we will fix your hail damage as soon as possible.