No matter how well you take care of your home, there will sometimes be circumstances that will put it at risk of damage.

One of the most common types of damage your home can get suddenly is roof damage. Even if you take care of your roof through regular maintenance sessions, harsh weather conditions or natural disasters can damage your roof.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to prepare for specific scenarios, but you should also be prepared to provide emergency roof repairs if the time comes.

Today, we’ll cover everything you should know about a roof repair emergency, how to handle it, and when to contact roofing contractors to help.

What Is A Roof Emergency?

Also called a “roofing emergency,” a roof emergency represents any issue that could pose a danger to your home or family. Remember that your roof is meant to protect your property from outside damage, so any damage could quickly become a problem for your family.

There are many scenarios where you could get damage to your roof, including natural disasters such as storms or accidents such as fallen trees or debris.

Some of the most common problems you can get with your roof after one of these scenarios include:

Leaking Roof

This is probably the most common problem you can get with your roof. If you start noticing your roof leaks, you may need to provide an emergency repair while you contact a roofing professional.

Water Spots

Another common problem related to leaking involves water spots. If you notice dark stains in your ceiling, it could either be because of excessive moisture in your attic or roof leaks, so you may need an emergency roof repair to take care of that.

Missing/Broken Shingles

Shingles are common to get loose after a storm. Once the environment is safe after the event, you should look around for missing/broken shingles. If that’s the case, you must provide fast roof repairs, as not dealing with them can lead to emergency roof leaks later.

Missing Granules

Granules are often considered your roof’s first defense against harmful elements like debris. If you lose granules, your shingles may get discolored. In other cases, your granules could end up in your gutters, worsening the problem.

Higher Energy Bills

It would be best to keep your roof sealed and ventilated in all cases so your home performs as expected. However, if you notice you’ve been getting higher than usual energy bills these past few months, then you should get your roof inspected by roof repair experts.

Excessive Light in Your Attic

This problem is more common in unfinished attics. You may need permanent repairs if you notice too much light shining through the roof’s boards. Commonly, if you have holes large enough to let that much light enter your attic, those holes will also let a lot of water enter your property.

How Can You Temporarily Cover A Damaged Roof?

Thankfully, there are many ways to deal with an emergency roof leak while you wait for professional help. If you notice a damaged roof and a roof repair expert can’t get there soon, then consider doing the following:


Set Tarps

Tarps are often the best temporary roof patch you can get. You can call a handyman or set it yourself (if possible).

A tarp will help stop the leak temporarily, preventing water from getting into the roof’s holes or gaps.

Remember that even if you can set a tarp correctly, it won’t work as a permanent roof repair solution. Wind can easily blow tarps away, which will make the problem worse.

Make sure you only use tarps as a measure for emergency repairs, and contact a professional.


Repair Damaged Shingles

If possible, try to repair or tighten your damaged shingles. These are quick roof repairs that you can do by using cement, roofing nails, or adhesive.

As with the previous emergency roof repair solution, remember that this isn’t permanent, and you will need to contact a professional if you want a better fix.


Cover Small Holes

You may be able to cover a few small holes with roof cement, sealant, and silicone. Depending on the damage, you may be able to hold off until a professional arrives.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Roof Leak?

As mentioned, these emergency roof repairs are only meant to be temporary. If you don’t contact a roofing professional in time, you risk your home experiencing severe structural harm. You may have to spend more money on a roof replacement in those cases.

On the contrary, if you act fast, you could save your damaged roof and pay less money in reparations.

The cost to repair a roof leak will depend on how severe the damage was and who you’re hiring to fix the problem.

You can expect minor repairs, such as small leaks, to cost $150 to $1,000. On the other hand, significant repairs could go as high as $2,000-$8,000.

Most of the time, people pay from $360 to $1,550 to repair a roof leak. If you’re experiencing this specific problem with your roof because of a storm or any other severe weather event, contact your insurance company to see the coverage for these cases.

Contact a professional once you call your insurance company and provide an emergency roof repair to avoid further issues. The roofer will provide you with an estimate of how much you could pay for repairs, and then you can make a decision.

Keep in mind that the sooner you act, the more likely you will save money on repairs in the future.

How To Do A Quick Roof Repair

To summarize, if your roof suffers damage and you want a quick fix before the professionals arrive, consider the following:

  • Use roofing tape or plastic sheets to patch small holes.
  • Tighten loose shingles if possible.
  • Use spray foam over a leaky area to temporarily patch it.
  • Place a tarp on top of your damaged roof to prevent further damage.

Ensure you don’t tackle any big holes or severe damage yourself, as that could further damage your roof and home.


Are Emergency Repairs Worth It?

Yes! An emergency repair can help avoid further damage to your roof and property. If you recently experienced a storm, for example, you will want to cover any minor damages while the experts arrive to fix the problem.

Not doing emergency repairs can lead to the roof getting even more damaged, which translates into higher repair bills.


How Can You Prevent Potential Roof Damage In The Future?

The best way to prevent damage to your roof is to inspect it frequently. You should inspect your roof once a year to ensure there’s nothing wrong with it.

On the other hand, if you experience any extreme weather event, you must inspect your roof immediately to identify any potential problems before they worsen.

Although preparing for every scenario possible is impossible, you can ensure you’re not spending too much money on repairs with proper inspections.


Bottom Line – Get Emergency Roof Repair Services As Soon As Possible

The key to preventing further problems with your roof is to act fast. Even though emergency repairs can do an excellent job of protecting your property for a while, they’re primarily temporary solutions.

Once you’ve used any of the tips mentioned on this page, make sure to contact a reputable professional, as they’ll do their best to provide a permanent fix that extends the life of your roof.

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