Cheer Athletics Austin

Cheer Athletics AustinCheer Athletics Austin is a premier cheerleading gym located in Austin, Texas. The gym is a part of the larger Cheer Athletics family, which has locations across the United States and has been recognized as one of the top cheerleading programs in the country. Cheer Athletics Austin offers a range of cheerleading programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels, from recreational classes to competitive teams.


Cheer Athletics was founded in 1994 in Plano, Texas, by Jody Melton and Angela Rogers. The program quickly gained a reputation for excellence, winning multiple national championships and producing some of the most talented cheerleaders in the country. In 2011, Cheer Athletics opened its Austin location, which quickly became one of the most successful cheerleading programs in the area.


Cheer Athletics Austin offers a range of cheerleading programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels. The gym’s recreational classes are designed to introduce young athletes to the basics of cheerleading, including tumbling, stunts, and dance. These classes are a great way for children to build confidence, improve their athleticism, and make new friends. Visit

For more advanced athletes, Cheer Athletics Austin offers competitive teams that compete at local, regional, and national levels. These teams are made up of athletes who have demonstrated a high level of skill and commitment to the sport of cheerleading. Athletes on these teams train intensively to perfect their tumbling, stunts, and choreography, and they work together to create high-energy routines that showcase their talent and teamwork.

In addition to its cheerleading programs, Cheer Athletics Austin also offers private lessons and camps for athletes who want to further develop their skills. These programs are led by experienced coaches who provide personalized instruction and feedback to help athletes reach their full potential. Useful link


Cheer Athletics Austin’s state-of-the-art facility features everything that athletes need to train and compete at the highest level. The gym has a large, open floor space for tumbling and stunts, as well as multiple practice mats and safety equipment. There is also a dedicated dance studio, a strength and conditioning area, and a parent viewing area.


The coaches at Cheer Athletics Austin are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the cheerleading industry. Many of them are former competitive cheerleaders themselves, and they bring their own experience and expertise to their coaching. The coaches at Cheer Athletics Austin are dedicated to helping their athletes succeed, and they work hard to provide a supportive and positive training environment.


Cheer Athletics Austin’s competitive teams compete in a variety of local, regional, and national cheerleading competitions throughout the year. These competitions are a chance for athletes to showcase their skills and compete against other top cheerleading programs from around the country. Cheer Athletics Austin’s teams have a strong track record of success, with many athletes going on to cheer at the collegiate level.

Cheer Athletics AustinWhat Can You Expect When You Visit There?

If you’re planning to visit Cheer Athletics Austin, here’s what you can expect:

  • Professional Coaching: The gym has a team of highly skilled and experienced coaches who will provide personalized training to help you improve your skills. The coaches will guide you through every step of the training process and offer feedback to help you become a better cheerleader.


  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Cheer Athletics Austin has a modern and well-equipped facility that includes multiple practice mats, safety equipment, a dance studio, a strength and conditioning area, and a parent viewing area.


  • Range of Programs: The gym offers a range of cheerleading programs, including recreational classes, competitive teams, private lessons, and camps. Whatever your skill level, there’s a program that can help you achieve your goals.


  • Fun and Supportive Environment: Cheerleading is a challenging sport, but at Cheer Athletics Austin, you’ll find a fun and supportive environment that encourages you to give your best effort. You’ll make new friends and become part of a supportive community of athletes who share your passion for cheerleading.


  • Competition Opportunities: If you’re interested in competing, Cheer Athletics Austin offers a range of local, regional, and national competitions. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your skills and compete against other top cheerleading programs from around the country.


  • Safety First: Cheer Athletics Austin places a high priority on safety, and the coaches will ensure that athletes follow proper safety procedures while training. The gym is equipped with safety equipment, and coaches are trained in first aid and CPR.

Overall, Cheer Athletics Austin is a top-tier cheerleading program that provides athletes of all ages and skill levels with the opportunity to train, compete, and grow in a supportive and challenging environment. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cheerleader, Cheer Athletics Austin has a program that will help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Important Information Need to Know 

  • Address: 15401 Debba Dr. Austin, Lakeway, TX 78734, United States
  • Website:
  • Contact: +15125532284
  • Open Hours: Monday-Friday (2-9:30 pm), Saturday (Closed), Sunday (10 am-7 pm)