Capital of Texas Zoo

Capital of Texas ZooLocated in Cedar Creek, Texas, there is a renowned zoo named The Capital of Texas Zoo. More than 500 different species of animals, many of which are uncommon and endangered, call the 1992-founded zoo home. The zoo wants to spread awareness of education, conservation, and care for animals via informative exhibits and fun interactive activities. Visitors may participate in guided tours, unique events, and animal encounters throughout the whole year. 

For institutes of higher learning, the zoo also offers educational programs that place emphasis on the importance of sustainability and conservation. Due to its commitment to animal care and conservation efforts, The Capital of Texas Zoo is a must-visit destination for both nature enthusiasts and families. Web

Wildlife Attractions & Exhibits

The Capital of Texas Zoo is home to a variety of fascinating wildlife attractions and exhibits. Visitors can explore the African Savannah exhibit, where they will encounter majestic animals such as giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. The zoo’s Big Cat exhibit features lions, tigers, and leopards, while the South American exhibit showcases a variety of exotic species, including capybaras and giant anteaters. Check that

The zoo also has a reptile house, where visitors can get up close and personal with snakes, lizards, and other cold-blooded creatures. With its impressive collection of wildlife and knowledgeable staff, the Capital of Texas Zoo is a must-visit destination for animal lovers of all ages.

Upcoming Events & Programs

The Capital of Texas Zoo is excited to announce its upcoming events and programs in the coming weeks. From family-friendly events to educational programs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Visitors can experience the unique opportunity to feed giraffes, participate in animal encounters, and learn about the zoo’s conservation efforts through interactive exhibits. 

The zoo also offers educational programs for children and adults, including homeschool classes, scout programs, and summer camps. In addition, the Capital of Texas Zoo hosts seasonal events such as Boo at the Zoo and Wild Lights, which showcase the zoo in a festive and magical atmosphere. We invite you to join us for a fun and educational day at the Capital of Texas Zoo.

Educational Opportunities

The Capital of Texas Zoo offers a range of educational opportunities for visitors of all ages, making it the ideal location for school trips, group tours, and family outings. With a focus on conservation and wildlife education, the zoo offers interactive exhibits, animal encounters, and educational programs designed to inspire a love for nature and promote the importance of conservation efforts. Visitors can take part in guided tours, attend educational presentations, and interact with animals up close, providing a unique and engaging learning experience. The zoo also offers summer camps and field trips for students, providing hands-on learning opportunities and the chance to explore the rich biodiversity of Texas.

Capital of Texas ZooVisitor Information & Amenities

The Capital of Texas Zoo offers a variety of visitor information and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests. Upon arrival, visitors can pick up a map of the zoo and schedule of daily activities at the admission booth. The zoo provides several shaded picnic areas and vending machines for refreshments. 

Wheelchair rentals and stroller rentals are available for those who need them. The zoo also offers animal encounter experiences, including giraffe feedings and petting zoos. Visitors can learn more about the animals through educational signage and interactive exhibits throughout the zoo. The Capital of Texas Zoo strives to provide a memorable and informative experience for all visitors.

Rules and Regulations at Capital of Texas Zoo

In the Capital of Texas Zoo, rules and regulations are an essential part of ensuring the safety and well-being of both the animals and visitors. All guests are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the zoo, including refraining from touching, feeding, or harassing any of the animals. 

Visitors must remain on designated paths and refrain from climbing or crossing any barriers. The zoo also maintains strict guidelines for animal care, including proper feeding, housing, and medical treatment, to ensure that all animals are healthy and happy. By adhering to these rules and regulations, visitors can enjoy a safe and educational experience at the Capital of Texas Zoo.

Tips When Visiting Capital of Texas Zoo

When planning a visit to the Capital of Texas Zoo, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly, as the zoo is mostly outdoors. It is also recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes, as the zoo covers a large area. 

Make sure to bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture unforgettable moments with the animals. Lastly, be sure to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines at the entrance. With these tips in mind, visitors can make the most out of their visit to the Capital of Texas Zoo.

Important Information You Should Know

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