Austin Fire Station 47


Austin Fire Station 47 is an essential part of the Austin community, providing critical services to residents and businesses in the area. Nestled in the heart of the city, the fire station plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community members it serves. The station is home to a dedicated team of firefighters, paramedics, and support staff, who work tirelessly to respond promptly to emergencies and provide life-saving care.

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Brief History

Austin Fire Station 47, located in Austin, Texas, has a rich and storied history. Originally established in 1954, the station served as a cornerstone of the community, providing vital firefighting and emergency response services to the residents of the surrounding area. Over the years, the station has undergone numerous renovations and upgrades, including the addition of state-of-the-art equipment and technology to better serve the needs of the community. Today, Austin Fire Station 47 remaining parts an imperative and fundamental center for crisis reaction in the Austin region, staffed by exceptionally prepared and devoted firemen who are focused on keeping the local area no problem at all.


How To Get to Austin Fire Station 47

  • Start from downtown Austin and head south on Interstate 35.
  • Take Exit 228 towards Slaughter Lane.
  • Turn right onto Slaughter Lane and continue for approximately 2 miles.
  • Turn left onto Hergotz Lane and continue for approximately 0.3 miles.
  • Austin Fire Station 47 will be on your right-hand side at 1917 S. Pleasant Valley Road.

Equipment and Facilities

Modern firefighting tools and infrastructure are available at Austin Fire Station 47. There are numerous firefighting vehicles at the fire station, including ladder trucks, pumper trucks, and brush trucks. It also provides a range of specialist tools for technical rescue, including gear for water rescue, rope rescue, and confined space rescue.

Firefighters can practice and train for a range of emergency scenarios in the fire station’s fully furnished training area. A burn building is part of the training facility where firefighters can practice battling fires in a safe setting.


Austin Fire Station 47 provides a range of services to the residents of southwest Austin and the surrounding areas. Some of the services provided by the fire station include:

  • Firefighting: Austin Fire Station 47 responds to fires of all types, from small kitchen fires to large wildfires.


  • Emergency Medical Response: The fire station has trained paramedics and EMTs on staff to provide emergency medical care to those in need.


  • Hazardous Materials Response: Austin Fire Station 47 is equipped to handle hazardous materials incidents, such as chemical spills and gas leaks.


  • Technical Rescue: The fire station has specialized equipment and trained personnel to perform technical rescue operations, such as rope rescues and confined space rescues.

Design And Architecture of The Fire Station Building

The design and architecture of the Fire Station Building at Austin Fire Station 47 in Austin, TX, is a beautiful blend of functionality and aesthetics. The building’s design is an essential factor in ensuring the firefighters can respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently. The architecture’s primary goal is to create a safe and secure environment for the firefighters and the public in the surrounding area.

The exterior of the building features a modern design with red brick, metal paneling, and glass windows. The interior has an open floor plan and a minimalistic design to promote functionality and ease of movement. Overall, the Fire Station Building at Austin Fire Station 47 has a professional, modern, and functional design that serves its purpose effectively while remaining visually appealing.

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Community Outreach

Austin Fire Station 47 is committed to serving the community beyond just emergency response services. The fire station is involved in several community outreach programs, such as:

  • Fire Prevention Education: The fire station provides fire prevention education to local schools and community organizations to help prevent fires from happening in the first place.


  • Smoke Detector Installations: Austin Fire Station 47 provides free smoke detectors to residents who need them and will even install them in homes for free.


  • Community Events: The fire station hosts several community events throughout the year, such as open houses and charity events.


  • Volunteer Programs: The fire station offers several volunteer programs, such as the Fire Explorer program for youth and the Citizen Fire Academy for adults.


Austin Fire Station 47 is staffed by highly trained and dedicated firefighters and support personnel. The fire station has a team of over 20 firefighters, including paramedics, EMTs, and specialized technical rescue personnel. The fire station also has administrative support staff to help manage day-to-day operations.

Training and Education

Austin Fire Station 47 places a strong emphasis on training and education for its personnel. The fire station has a rigorous training program that includes ongoing training for all firefighters, as well as specialized training for technical rescue and hazardous materials response. Additionally, the fire station offers training and education programs for the community, such as CPR and first aid courses.

Important Information About Austin Fire Station 47

  • Address: 4200 City Park Rd, Austin, TX 78730, United States
  • Working Hours: Not Available
  • Website: Not Available
  • Phone Number: Not Available